About the Artist


Katie holding her daughter Lilly in her arms

My journey began after giving birth to the most beautiful art that I had a hand in creating, my daughter Lilly.

Shortly after she was born, I realized I could never tell Lilly to follow her dreams because I had allowed fear to discourage me from my own.  So I have been on my own journey, pursuing my passion for art ever since.

Through winding roads, my life has taken some amazing and rewarding changes, but also some very dramatic challenges.  Each day, I dig deep to discover myself (as a person, a mother, and an artist).

Today, I am still on that quest to understand myself fully. I find joy in painting a wide variety of subjects, whether it be a canvas that will hang on a wall or a book that will hold treasures for many years to come. 

"She told them she could fly and in her dreams, she did just that!"